Saturday, April 7, 2018

A to Z Blogging Challenge: G is for Grace #singlenessmyth#7

My A to Z Challenge is a blog about singleness.  Some myths, some thoughts, some of the things that I have been learning as a 30 something year old single American woman, in a culture that sees this as something that is less than.....  join me on this journey!

G is for Grace.  Singleness Myth #7:  Grace is something given to everyone but ourselves.

For a minute I want to step away from the sole focus of singleness and just talk a little bit about grace.  I find that I am hardest on myself.  The mistakes that I have made, I allow them to keep replaying in my head like a movie that never stops.  I over-analyze them.  I think what if I had done that, or this.  I take every possible scenario that I can until I run myself ragged with the what-ifs.   I forget to give myself grace, and let things go. 

We all do this... every single one of us forgets to give ourselves grace for not being perfect.  We aren't perfect, we will never be perfect.  In every relationship, every interaction, every moment that we have throughout the day there are things that we could have done better.  There are ways that we could have created love instead of hate.  Yet, we have to give ourselves grace.  We have to understand that our view is this limited view.  We see things from our own perspective most of the time, without even bothering to take a look at what other people might be viewing it as.  It is okay to give ourselves grace.  It is okay to understand our limitations and weaknesses.  It is okay to give ourselves the same kind of grace that we give others. 

Don't put judgements and limitations on ourselves that we wouldn't put on other people.  Allow mistakes to be times of learning and growth, instead of times of heartache, and destruction.  Don't let that quiet voice keep replaying those moments over and over again.  Instead allow the light to shine through to see the good, and put aside the bad. 


Shari Elder said...

As a single person myself, this really rings true. I wonder if we are more subject to self recriminations, because the way people ask questions about singleness, which can be quite harsh. Boy do I have stories.

tawnya said...

Agreed Shari! Would LOVE to hear your stories... isn't it crazy how people questioning us, can make us feel so insecure?

Beth Lapin said...

Grace... I once named a car Gracie to remind myself to find it...I keep looking at a card I got from a Buddhist center, YOU ARE ENOUGH. When I read that, I always find myself taking a deep breath and sinking more into the moment.