Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hate doesn't Win....

As I watched the election feed last night, I felt this overwhelming sense of dread and horror at the fact that Donald Trump was actually winning.  I thought, it would change...somehow he would not come out on top.  I watched as my newsfeed showed family and friends that I consider to be loving, welcoming human beings rejoice at the fact that the "evil" witch wasn't winning.  "The lesser of two evils." 

It hurts me that this is the state of our country.  It hurts me that I had to walk into school this morning, knowing that many of my students were going to be coming from this mind frame.  That I was walking into a place where a majority of people voted for the man who now holds the office of President-Elect.  It hurts me because I see how much hate has been created because of this process. 

Whether my Bible believing friends want to grasp this or not.  EVERY single person is made in GOD's IMAGE!  Every single person!  So, when you go out spouting how evil one person is over the other, are you really sharing God's love with the world? 

It is funny to me how people who are spouting hate, and making fun of Hilary or her supporters are the same people that think it is a sin to dress immodestly, to drink, to smoke, and to cuss.  I don't get how those two can go together.  You talk about Jesus' love and sacrifice in one breath, while you spew out hate for another in the next breath.  Doesn't she deserve the same love and grace that you are willing to give to him, or to each other?  Doesn't she?  Don't we all???

There are some people who will never grasp what it means to be a minority.  There will be some people who never understand what it means to be grabbed inappropriately, almost raped, called names based on your skin color or sex.  There will be some people that think that it is not a big deal. I am here to say, it is.  It is a big deal how people are being made to feel.  It isn't just something that we should accept.  I have had a  man look me in the eyes and tell me he wanted to rape me.  I have been touched by someone in places I didn't want to be touched.  It isn't a joke to me.  Being treated as if I don't matter, isn't a joke to me. 

It is hard for me right now to understand how people I love can be putting so much pride into the world.  So much gloating is going on.  Like I actually saw a meme where someone posted about the witch being gone.  I can't, you guys...I just can't.  Because, if the roles had been switched, and it was her that had said/done the things that he did.  It wouldn't even be a discussion.  What we need right now is not gloating, and pride.  What we need right now is humbleness and kindness.  How would Jesus be leading?  What would he be posting? 

I will respect Trump as President.  I will pray for him, and support him as much as I have other Presidents, but I will not accept his view of people.  I will never be okay with the words he has spouted against those who are different.  I will never give in to the fear that he has created about immigrants, and refugees.  I will never allow my views to be dictated by fear.

So, if you are reading this...I urge you to pray.  Pray for our country, pray for our future President.  And love.  Love the person that is different from you.  Love the immigrant down the street that is afraid for his/her life.  Love the woman who found out she is pregnant from being raped 2 months ago, and she is considering having an abortion. Love the gay man you met on the subway that feels like he will never be able to be understood or accepted.   Love those around you like Jesus would.  Love till you understand their hurt and pain.