Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I have a really hard time with the word judgement.  Especially among Christians.  I just feel like as Christians we are so quick to use this word to point out the flaws in others, instead of focusing on what isn't Christ-like in ourselves. 

For instance I pretty much on a daily basis have to ask myself if I have authentically loved everyone I have come in contact with that day.  Most of the time the answer is no because I am too busy judging this or that.  I am too busy thinking about all the tasks I have to get done to have a genuine conversation with someone where I actually stop and really listen to them instead of just waiting for  my turn to speak. 

On a daily basis I have to keep my ego in check as well.  It is easy to see all the things that I have done in my life, and what I am currently doing and think that I am pretty amazing.  The truth though is that the amazing part is that God is choosing and has chosen to give me the gifts and talents to do everything that I have done in my short 34 years.  Instead of coming across humbly though, I oftentimes come across as the most amazing person in the world.  It is also super easy for me to see when others are being egocentric and point that out in them, instead of asking myself if I need to change first. 

I find myself at a loss when I hear stories of people that have left the church because someone has said something to them about the way they were choosing to live their life.  It hurts me to my core to think that followers of Jesus would be anything but loving and kind when approaching those around them.  I guess that it hurts me because I have walked in their shoes.  I know what it is like to choose things that aren't of God.  I know what it is like to have someone look me in the eyes and judge me when they didn't know the whole story. 

I will never claim perfection, because I will never be perfect except through Christ.  I want those around me to see Jesus' love when they look at me, when they speak with me, and when they interact with me.  I want them to know that He is there, we can come to Him with ANYTHING and he will not forsake us.  He doesn't leave me to fend for myself.  He keeps seeking me.  He keeps pursuing me, until I am completely His. 

I find myself hoping that I have moments in everyday to share His love and what He has brought me through.  Sometimes the sin in my life is pretty overwhelming, but I am thankful to have people that I know will stand by me, help pick me up, and be there to point me in a loving way to Him when I do. 

Our God isn't a God of condemnation, and judgment.  He is a God of mercy, grace, and love.  We need to first be like Jesus ourselves before we can ask anyone else to. 

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