Tuesday, February 27, 2018

This couple I know....

There's this couple I know... the kind of couple that make you believe in love and marriage, and God.  The kind of couple that you feel like you are privileged just to know because they make it look so easy, and they always seem to have faith no matter the circumstances.  I met this couple when I was teaching in Egypt.  They came in halfway through the year, and they have mentored me throughout the years in a way that I can't even begin to describe.  You see he was 80 when they came to Egypt.  80!  Can you even imagine still serving God so faithfully when you are 80.  That was 14 years ago!  I think about what an amazing life they have lived.  Being overseas for some of it, being in the states for some of it.  Having 4 children, two of which aren't married.  I'm blown away by them.  When I think about love and marriage, and faith in God I feel like they are the example of who I long to be. 

Do you know people like that?  People that make you want to know God more deeply.  People that believe in you so fully, that whenever they talk to you, they are just speaking truth into your life.  They are speaking words straight from God, they can't help but to let you know how much He cares for you. 

Today I am being thankful for people like that in my life.  I may never get to see them on this earth again, but I sure am SO thankful for them.  I'm thankful that they were there for me during a very hard time in my life.  I'm thankful that they never stop praying for me, and encouraging me.  I'm thankful that they have never once made me feel less than because I am not married or have kids.  I'm thankful that I see their love for God in how they love each other.  I am thankful that they are on this earth, and for the lives that God has touched through them.  I'm thankful that they left a mark on my life, and forever changed me. 

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