Friday, February 16, 2018

Lent 2018- Day 3

"a reminder that some of us beautiful, broken, redeemable humans still act like our own belonging isn't complete until we've made belonging difficult for someone else."  -Gareth Higgins

"Maybe the best way to oppose a bad thing is just to do something better."  -Gareth Higgins

Today I wake up early to go spend some time with good friends.  I am caught up in the words from Gareth.  Sometimes we as humans are awful.  What in us tries to make others feel like they don't belong.  We go out of our way to use harsh words, to gossip about each other, and to genuinely make others feel excluded.  I spend some time watching The Real Housewives of Orange County, and I am always amazed by the awfulness that makes that show.  The potrayal of the human condition is so evident in that show again and again.  The backstabbing, the gossiping, the only being out for your own good, putting yourself first.  It is also a reminder to me of how money doesn't bring happiness. 

Maybe for today my focus isn't on all the ways that I see people being excluded.  Maybe my focus for today is on just doing small things to make them feel included.  My love for today, my part of lent is including those that I find it hard to engage with. 

That's what I am called to.  I am called to make this world better, to be love, and to touch the  lives that I encounter. 

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