Thursday, February 15, 2018

Lent 2018- Day 2

Today my focus is on the Lent Devotion that I get sent to my inbox.  If you are wanting something that makes you a better peacemaker, then search out this link:

As I read today's reader I just couldn't help, but be overwhelmed by the questions asked and the thoughts processed.  So I am going to do a little journal/blogging on here today:

  • What is your work of peacemaking? What struggles with the work are you bringing into the season of Lent?
I am just in the beginning stages of this work. I don't even know what my role truly is, I just know that it is necessary.  I know that I need to help this world, my country be a more peaceful place.  I think my first steps are to listen to people's stories.  To put my whole heart into understanding where each individual comes from, and what they are bringing in their communication, their daily interactions, and the triggers that they have.  My goal is to help people feel loved and valued.  I truly believe that if everyone felt loved and valued, this world would be a more peaceful place.  
  • What is the state of your mind? What questions and thoughts are prominent, what is preoccupying you?
I feel like I am wrestling with this misunderstanding of people that believe it is okay to hurt others.  I don't understand why we can't be loving and kind.  Why do we have to judge, and try to force our ideas on others?  Why do we have to tell people what they should value, what they should believe?  Why do we as Americans think we are better than everyone else?  That wasn't Jesus' story, was it?  He didn't walk around with this arrogance, and condemnation did he?  He was there for the poor, the outcasts.  He was there for those that had no voice.  Why do we insist on stomping on those that we don't see as "fitting in" to the Christian mold we have created?  Why?  
  • How is your heart? Open or closed? What feelings are strong in you today?
I feel like my heart is open.  Open to helping those around me, to feeling their pain and suffering.  Today I feel sad and filled with grief for the violence, and judgment going on in our world.  I want it to end, I want to be able to stop it.  How do I do this?  How am I able to not feel defeated the minute I turn on the news?  
  • What is the prayer of your spirit?
My prayer is for those that are hurting today.  Those that are unsure of their future, caught in violence, and injustice.  Those that have no food or safe place to sleep at night.  Oh Lord, I long for this to change.  I long for your people to provide for those that are hurting.  No matter what it takes, no matter how much we have to sacrifice.  I long for this world to be a world of peace.  I pray for peace, and love to surround those that are deeply hurt, afraid, and in danger.  Protect your people, provide peace.  
  • What is the word of God to you today? What is the still small voice speaking?
He hears my prayers, and He knows the needs around the world.  I believe that He is listening, and urging His people to stand up for injustice.  He continues to provide, and move in ways in me that I didn't know were in me.  I can hear him giving me strength.  He wants His people to stand up for love and truth.  To sacrifice, to give whatever it takes, to provide for those that don't have.  

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