Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Absolutely Authentic from A to Z! X-rayed

I had to stretch to think about this X word!  Then I finally settled on something.  Thinking about life and being authentic I thought....why not live authentically x-rayed!  I may have just made up a word here, but I am okay with that. 

What do I mean by living authentically x-rayed?  I mean being completely open, honest, and vulnerable.  I mean opening up your heart and life to people to see who you really are.  In an x-ray you are able to see inside of someone.  You are able to see the hidden things that are causing the problems.  The things that are stopping the person from functioning normally. 

Don't we sometimes just hide behind our smiles.  Don't we sometimes keep quiet when we really want to scream out to the world just how horrible we think our circumstances are at the current moment? 

Being authentically x-rayed means showing all of that underneath "stuff."  Not letting people or circumstances continue to hold you down.  Letting go of the things that you just don't want to be a part of and the people that continue to be toxic in your life.  Being authentically x-rayed means showing who you really are.  Being open to change and being able to be real. 

If someone were able to look inside and x-ray your heart, your thoughts, your everyday experiences...what would they find? 

Would you like to be authentically x-rayed? 

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