Friday, April 3, 2015

Absolutely Authentic from A to Z: Crazy

Does crazy have to always be something that we say in a negative way?  I often tell my students that they are acting crazy.  But what does crazy really mean?  Can you be authentically crazy?  I mean like crazy in a real, no apprehension kind of way?  

I think you can.  I think crazy can be something fun, positive and authentic.  Crazy doesn't have to mean out of your mind like going to the "crazy house."  Why can't it just mean that you are so passionate about being your authentic self that you are crazy?  

That's what I choose to see crazy as.  I choose to be my crazy authentic self.  The kind of crazy that never gives up on others, even when they are seriously messing their lives up.  The kind of crazy that would drive hundreds of miles just to spend a few moments with a dear friend. Crazy to the point of abandoning all thoughts of what others think and just being in the moment!   Craziness is not necessarily something to be looked down upon.  I think the most authentic people I know are the craziest!  I hope I am one of them!!!  

How crazy are you?  What is your idea of being authentically crazy?  



Anonymous said...

I like your style! You must be a wonderful teacher.

Quanie Miller said...

I agree! Sometimes things are just "crazy good" and there's nothing wrong with that.

Tawnya Rivers said...

Thank you!!! Yes...crazy good I like that!

Jessica Marcarelli said...

I love it! I call myself crazy, too, but not in the insane or out of control way - rather, in the "I know I'm a little strange or have neurotic habits but I'm good with it" way.

2015 A to Z Blogger
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Dale Morris said...

Hi Tawnya, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree with you and the above commenters. "Crazy" is good, because it means you are full of passion about something, and not afraid to be yourself, to stand outside the crowd. Keep being crazy- it's healthy!

MS said...

You are crazy! Your crazy many not be my crazy, but we can both be crazy. I think that is being authentically crazy -- being free to be your own crazy and letting others be their own crazy. I like the "crazy good" too.


Tamara Gerber said...

I'm with you :-)
There are many positive ways to be crazy!
Funny that you're wearing the green wig - I did that, too, a while ago to divert from the fact that I was in my PJ's. At Home Depot ;-)
Cheers from a fellow A-Z blogger

Tawnya Rivers said...

Thanks everyone for your encouragement and nice words!

Love craziness in its truest form!!!