Monday, April 6, 2015

Absolutely Authentic from A to Z: Engaged

What does it mean to be engaged in the moment you are in?  What does it mean to be authentically engaged?  I have found myself on this journey in recent weeks to truly figure out who I am and what I am about.  It is not something that is easy, and it is not a journey that I think is going to end quickly.  In fact I expect to be on this journey for the rest of my life.  I expect to be authentically engaged in the act of figuring out my purpose, who I am...and how I dive into my daily life with the attitude of love, compassion, and adoration...forever!  

One thing that I have been challenged by more recently is to be present where I am.  Another way to say this is to be engaged in whatever is going on around me.  To be authentically engaged in my interactions with others.  I think there are a few things that this means to me:  

   *Look people in the eyes when they are talking to me.
   *Listen to what they are saying with compassion and understanding.
   *Don't be looking at my phone in the middle of a conversation, or thinking about social media
   *Understand that not everything that is shared needs a comment or remark, sometimes it is just okay to listen
    *Put real people before social media people. (I do realize social media people are real...but just saying that there is a time and place for social media and it is not when I am in the middle of a group of people)

I think this concept also goes into other types of things in my life....


****Tasks that must get done

****Times when I am relaxing

In everything I need to be authentically engaged.  I need to be there, be real....and stop allowing social media to control my every moment.  Maybe you don't have this problem...maybe it's just me.  

Do you find it easy to be authentically engaged?   What helps you to be authentically engaged?  


Idea-ist said...

The gadget addiction is a big pet peeve of mine. I cannot stand trying to talk to someone who staring at their phone... or standing at the checkout counter in the store and the person ringing me up is staring at her phone... And then they want to sass you when you point out that they've made a mistake and after they've sassed you're a little less guilty about the gallon of "free" milk they slid into your bag...

I'm usually engaged with the present, I love listening to people talk about their day, about who they interacted with.. it's just like books really Everyone's a story to tell. I admit my eyes have a tendency to slide out of focus on the subject of politics or cars come up.

@Get Lost in Lit

Jessica Marcarelli said...

I love this idea of being fully engaged in the moment (and simply being content with listening and not wondering if someone is expecting me to talk has been a huge one for me). I think you've covered my own thoughts on being engaged - I would add that it's okay to be engaged even in rest, to be fully comfortable and content with your current needs and desires, even if that just means a nap.

2015 A to Z Blogger
Visions of Other Worlds

AJ Lauer said...

I definitely prefer to be engaged with the present, and it makes me *nuts* when people ignore me in favor of their phone!
Good on you for trying to be fully engaged in your life :)
~AJ Lauer
an A-Z Cohost
@ayjaylauer on Twitter

tawnya said...

Love the idea of being engaged even in rest!!! Thanks!!!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I have found that I'm not engaging with my family during times when I could. I don't get distracted by my phone but I do by a book or with my writing.

tawnya said...

That's so true! Books and writing too!!!