Saturday, April 18, 2015

Absolutely Authentic from A to Z! Perfect

Perfection is basically the way that we all live our lives.  Some of us are more perfect then others, but aren't we all striving in some way or another to be the perfect ______________.  Maybe it is the perfect mother, sister, friend, fiancee, employee, employer, instructor, teacher, coach.  Whatever our call is in life we all feel the pressure to do it perfectly.  Don't we?  I mean how many times in the last week did I make a mistake and feel horrible.  I put SO much pressure on myself to be perfect. 

What if my idea of what perfection is, well what if it isn't actually the real idea of what perfection is.  What if being absolutely perfect means that I can make mistakes because that is how I get closer to the real idea of perfection?  Being authentically perfect doesn't mean that I do everything right 100% of the time.  I think it means that despite who I am, I am real in my perfection.  Knowing that my perfection is unique to me.  It doesn't need to fit in to what society views it to be.  It can just be my own own own ideas. 

How would you describe being authentically perfect? 

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Anonymous said...

I had to think really hard about what it would mean to be authentically perfect.

My personal answer to that comes from my understanding of the Bible. It has to do with the heart...the attitude of my heart toward God, self, and others, and the attitude that God has toward Himself, me, and others.