Saturday, December 8, 2018

Advent- Day 5

Today's devotion stated this, "The people we despise in society can hold a significant place in God's overall plan."  I find myself today thinking of those that are despised especially by the so called "Christians" out there.  It makes me sad to think that we have written people off.  There are people that we see as unreachable, or not good enough or whatever it may be.  On this day of Advent I remind myself that I am just one of the regular people that does things wrong all the time that Jesus chooses to use.  There is nothing special about me in comparison to anyone else.  Yet, my life does matter.  We have to stop ranking people.  It isn't good for us.  It isn't good for our world.  It especially isn't what we are called to.  So, today I think about my judgment on others, and how I put myself more highly than I ought most of the time.  I remember that my life is just as valuable as the refugee's trying to get to another country by any means they can. 

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