Sunday, December 2, 2018

Advent Day 1

Yesterday was the first Day of the Advent Season.  I was sick in bed, and did not make it to the computer to write my first blog.  So here I am.... 

Advent is a time to think about Jesus' His coming to earth, and His return. 

Not all of my friends believe in this, and I am okay with that.  In fact I would rather have a variety of friends that believe many different things, than to have all of the people believe the same thing.  That would make for a very boring life! 

But for me Advent is a season of hope, love, joy and promise.  I am looking forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus.  I am looking forward to contemplating His story and what it means in my life. 

Every day of Advent I am going to write a real letter to someone, and actually send it! 

I think that this month is going to be about connection.  Connection to Jesus, and connection to others. 

So, here's to the first day of Advent, may my focus be on restoration and the hope of what is to come! 

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