Thursday, March 8, 2018

True/False 2018.... My reviews....

It was a great fest, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to see 12 films!  What an awesome place to reside!  Here are my reviews of the films in order from Best to Not the best....

#1  Three Identical Strangers
The best film!  This film was amazing.  There were so many factors at play.  The three brothers, how very different they were.  The fact that they weren't told about each other, and the mysterious twist.  It made me wonder what people will look at in the future that we are doing today in our society that they will frown upon.  I think about this film and wonder how people thought that it was okay?  But then I think there are things going on today, that I wonder how people think they are okay.  We all live by our own standards sometimes I feel like.  But I still feel like not everything should be done, even in the name of science.

#2  Voices of the Sea
One of the best films I have seen.  The people of Cuba and the way they spent their life wanting to be out of this place.  The corruption of the rations, and the violence.  Not being able to get enough food to feed their families.  The man's sacrifice everyday to feed his family by fishing even though he was in so much pain.  I think about my life and how sometimes I complain and the smallest things, when I have it SO easy!  I long to meet those people, to sit down with them for a cup of tea, and understand them more.  I have never even had to think about risking my life to escape my home.  I loved getting to know the voices of the sea.

#3  Crime and Punishment
Our country right now has a problem.  This film did a really good job of showing the corruption that can go on, and is currently happening.  It was amazing to me how awful it was, even among the minority officers.  It opened my eyes for sure.  We have to change things!  Are we really aware of how much corruption is happening?  Are we just turning a blind eye to it?  It is time that we wake up and open our eyes to what is going on, instead of just ignoring it!

#4  Of Fathers & Sons
This was one of the best-hardest films to watch.  Seeing inside the training of these boys.  It was amazing to me to see how they were trained, how they were brought up, and their view of god.  This view of god was so eye opening.  I think sometimes we don't realize the similarities between the different types of religion.  We just want ours to be right, and everyone else's to be wrong.  But really there are similarities in each of us.  There are ways that this film has changed my view for the better, and also ways that it made me angry.  I did notice the absence of women in the film, and the way that women/girls were treated.  It was so heartbreaking to me, and it does make me realize how far we still have to go in this world.

#5 Kinshasa Makambo
This film made me understand more about protesting, sacrifice and freedom.  We take for granted everyday the freedom we have to stand up for what we believe in without punishment.  It was really well done.  The scenes from the protests were so real, in the midst of the people.  I really understood the story, and at times it was like being right there because of the angles of the camera.

#6 Primas
What a tough story, but I think SO perfect for this time of our history.  Those two girls and what they went through was so tough to understand.  But I think also seeing their strength, and outlook on life.  To be able to come out of the experiences they had, with such light.  Sometimes I think that we look at our own lives, and try to compare it to those around us.  Thinking we have it so much worse, when we don't at all.  I hope that this story, helps to look at little further into abuse, and the emotional toll it takes on the person it happens to.

#7 Our New President
I thought this film was great.  I can see why the editing won at Sundance.  It made me look at news in a very different way.  I definitely think it had a unique perspective that I'm so glad I got to view.  The news is awful these days- sometimes it helps to laugh at it!  I could see where some people would get offended by this film, but really I think it is a unique perspective that you have to view with an open mind.

#8 Shirkers
This film surprised me.  I wasn't sure that I was going to like it, but I ended up really enjoying the journey.  I thought this story was told well although it did leave me wanting more.  I think that part of the intriguing essence of this film was that there was still so much that was a mystery.

#9 Gabriel & the Mountain
I was expecting more from this film.  I liked the story, but it didn't have the drive that I thought it would.  I thought it would be more about how Gabriel changed lives as he went on this journey.  I feel like it was more about what not to do in certain situations.  I still appreciated the story.

#10 Hale County, This Morning
The effects in this film were beautiful.  I was expecting the story to be more meaningful.  I was expecting the story to be more.  I really enjoyed the small glimpses of life, but it was hard for me to connect it, to the big stories.

#11 Shorts:  Kombucha
There were interesting shorts, especially the one about the water slide in Kansas.  Such a heartbreaking story!

#12 Playing Men
I wasn't a huge fan of this film.  I think I went in with different expectations of us.  But it was interesting to see all the different sports!

Ofcourse my favorite part of the fest was volunteering!  I love all the people I get to work with!  So many great people!  

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