Thursday, April 28, 2016

A to Z- Authentic Inspiration: Xenolith #atozchallenge


"a piece of rock of different origin from the igneous rock in which it is embedded"

I was searching for X words that could inspire me and I came across this!

What a perfect definition of me, and my life.

How amazing is it?  A rock that is different from the one that it is embedded in!

I love thinking about all the different ways that this could explain my life.  I absolutely love being in a place that is different.  My favorite memories come from moments when I didn't blend in.  Moments when I had to figure out how to live in a place and among people that were very, very different from me.

I don't always like to be different, in fact a lot of times especially in the past I have wanted just to blend in. 

I think though the more I live, and the more I experience I realize that we weren't made to be just like everyone else.  We were made to stand out.  We were made to be embedded in a place that is not our own.  To share our uniqueness with those around us.  To impact this world in a real and amazing way. 

Do you feel like you are blending in to the world around you, or are you embedded in a place that is not your own? 

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Stephanie Faris said...

That is a good analogy for so many people. Proof that home is where the heart is, I guess...who we are goes with us no matter where we happen to physically be at any given moment.