Friday, April 22, 2016

A to Z- Authentic Inspiration: Sunsets #atozchallenge

Sunsets....they inspire me so much!  I love just sitting on the beach watching the sun go down below the horizon.  There is this calm that sweeps over me when I see the last bit of light descend below the surface of the water.  The colors change as they are swept away by the darkness that continues to dip below.  Orange, red, yellow, purple all mix together to create a perfect example of a masterpiece. 

Sunsets inspire me because they are a beautiful ending to the day.  They give me inspiration for what will come the next.  Allowing me to sweep all of the messiness that has happened in the course of my day far, far away.  Sunsets show me that there can be a beautiful, calm moment in time.  Life doesn't have to be so chaotic.  Sunsets inspire me to write.  Something happens inside of me that allows me to get in touch with the person that I would love to be one day.  Sunsets are hope of things to come.  Sunsets are beauty.  Sunsets are love.  Sunsets are a future. 

Do sunsets inspire you?   Where have you seen some of the best sunsets? 


John Holton said...

Best one I saw was from Santa Monica Pier. Just about as far west as you can get on the lower 48.

John Holton
Blogging from A to Z Challenge Co-Host
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Liz A. said...

Sunsets can be nice when you're at the beach or somewhere you can see them. I don't watch them often enough.

Stephanie Faris said...

I love the sunset. I miss so many.

Dan Miller said...

I enjoy sunsets too. As a photographer, that golden hour of twilight is the best. The scenery is always more dramatic and it offers inspiration for creative outlets.

Tawnya Rivers said...

Awesome comments! Thanks everyone for stopping by!