Saturday, April 16, 2016

A to Z- Authentic Inspiration: Notes #atozchallenge

I love notes!  I love writing notes, I love getting notes!  I get super inspired by writing notes to people that I come in contact with.  It is definitely my love language. 

Have you ever gotten a note that just made you start sobbing?  I have some friends that are really great at writing notes.  They allow me to understand myself more because I am able to see things the way they do. 

Have you ever gotten a note that just made you laugh, uncontrollably?  A note that just made you grin from ear to ear?  Sometimes I find myself grinning when I get a note.  Reflecting on this person and how they make me feel! 

My favorite notes are the ones that I get to write to others.  I LOVE being able to explain how I feel through writing.  I love knowing that someone has been touched by words that I write. 

I am so inspired by notes, because I think they are rare these days. 

Do you like to write notes to others?  What is a favorite note you have gotten? 

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