Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A to Z- Authentic Inspiration: Valleys #atozchallenge

Sometimes in life you don't get to be on top of the mountain.  Sometimes you have to silently walk in the valley.  Whether it is because you are waiting for the next mountaintop experience, or you are trying to figure out what trail to take to the top, there are so many processes that must happen in the valley. 

The valley is a beautiful, quiet place to be.  There are so many moments in the valley that need to be treasured and felt.  There is this moment of inspiration that happens when you look back at what you have been through and realize that things are so much better down here then they could be. 

There are so many different areas of life to be inspired by.  Sometimes I think that we pass by the quiet moments and don't think that there is anything in them to bring more to our life. 

Really though I think it is from the valleys, from those moments of surrender and quiet that I truly learn exactly who I am, and exactly what I am here for. 

In the stillness and quiet of valley I learn more of who I am.  I learn that I am valued and loved.  I learn that I don't have to have the approval of those around me in order to be valued and loved.  I learn that I am created to be someone that makes the world a better place.  Someone that gives of myself to help those around me.  To live in community and seek those around me to strengthen them and encourage them on their own journey.

I am thankful for the valley, for it is there that I am able to grasp the goodness that makes my life exactly what it is.  It gives me purpose and gratitude for the future. 


Unknown said...

What's that old gospel song, 'peace in the valley'? Excitement and thrills are great from time to time, but give me peace and quiet most days. However I must say I do prefer the view from the top :)

Stephanie Bird said...

What a beautiful way to look at the valleys in life!

Kimberly Yavorski said...

What a beautiful photo! And your words are true - valleys are inspiring.

Liz A. said...

Or you could be in the San Fernando Valley. That's a whole different experience.

Liz A. from
Laws of Gravity

Dan Miller said...

I definitely like being on the mountaintops but I understand your words here. Every once in a while it's nice to spend some quiet time in the valleys.