Saturday, April 9, 2016

A to Z- Authentic Inspiration: Heights #atozchallenge

I typically love heights.  Sometimes I find them scary, but most times I find them simply inspiring.  First of all you have the trek that it takes to get up to wherever you are going.  Maybe it is a long winding path, a set of stairs, riding on a camel up a mountain.  Whatever it is there is a journey that you must take in order to reach the top.  Sometimes the journey is fast, but most of the time the journey is slow.  Most of the time the journey takes days, weeks and months of preparation.  You have to be ready to endure whatever is going to happen along the way.  You have to be ready to journey through the pain, to stop along the way and gaze out at what awaits you.  You have to be ready to break through the doubts and insecurities in order to reach the top. 

The journey alone inspires me.  Making it through each difficulty...trying to find a place to rest and ponder.  Each major stopping point creates an opportunity to look back and see just what has been accomplished!  What amazing inspiration to look back and be able to understand that the hard parts in the journey were not moments of defeat, but of triumph! 

Then, I make it to the top.  Whatever journey I have been on, sometimes short...sometimes very long.  I finally am able to stand at the top of the mountain and look over everything.  To see the big picture, to understand all that is out there...makes the journey totally worth it.  It also inspires me to keep going and try again.  That no matter what obstacle I face, the height of the triumph is far greater then the troubles of the boulders in my path. 

Standing at the top of where I have been.  Looking out at the different paths I could have taken, and realizing that the one I was exactly the path for me.  Feeling myself breathe in fresh air.  Bringing me hope for what is to come, and understanding that no matter what this little path that I just journeyed is only one of many in the grand landscape of my life.

“Leaders get to tall heights by taking short steps. Being faithful, diligent and consistent with little steps is the secret to mounting greater heights.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders' Ladder 


Stephanie Faris said...

Height doesn't really bother me...but the climb to get there does! We went to the top of a lighthouse when we visited Georgia last summer and YIKES! It was exhausting.

Lisa said...

Heights aren't the issue with me, it's the possibility of falling from them that scares me. I think that glass walkway out over the Grand Canyon would be the ultimate horrifying, yet most exhilarating thing ever!
But the view makes it all worth it!
Lisa at Tales from the Love Shaque

Random Musings said...

Physical heights don't bother me, I actually like them, the views they allow etc, but when I read your post, I got the impression this was more about the metaphorical - your journey to reaching the top of your chosen field. I may be wrong, but that's the feeling I got. Either way, I enjoyed the read

tawnya said...

Yes my writing kind of morphed into something more then just physical heights! Crazy how things do that sometimes!

Thanks for commenting and your thoughts!!!

The Brown Recluse (TBR) said...

I do love the mountains.

Your descriptions of the journey sounded a lot like life...which may have been intentional. ☺

Pat Garcia said...

Your quote is so true and I love it. I have the privilege of climbing a small mountain in Italy. The climb consisted of paths and that went higher and higher and I love it.

Visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge.

Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

tawnya said...

Yes, I think that this writing morphed into something beyond just heights themselves! It is funny how once my hands start typing words just flow out from my heart and I don't even realize the big picture until the end! Thanks for stopping by!

Sharon Himsl said...

Heights don't bother me either unless a guardrail or some protection is missing at the top. But I do like the different perspective we have at the top so applicable whether it's a physical experience or spiritual