Monday, April 4, 2016

A to Z- Authentic Inspiration: Community #atozchallenge

My community inspires me! 

For the longest time I have been wanting to meet a group of people that I click with.  A group of people that I can be authentic with, and not worry about the judgement that naturally comes with those type of relationships.

I have found it, and I am so thankful.  My community inspires me.  The people that I find myself around on a daily basis have created such a joy inside of me.  I can be honest, transparent, and real.  I don't have to worry about the walls being broken down all at once, instead it is okay that they are taken down brick by brick at my own pace.  Layer by layer because it is worth it to get to know people, to be there for them, and to embrace them in the midst of our messy lives.

Shouldn't our community inspire us?  Shouldn't the people we surround ourselves with be those kinds of people that speak truth into our hearts, without fear of us giving up on them, or them giving up on us?

The community of people that join together, talk through the hard things, and continues in spite of disagreements that is the community that inspires me.  Each person giving his/her all to a common goal.  Living and loving each other.  Leaning on each other when times get hard.  Being open, and honest.  Being raw, and authentic.  These are the things that make a community that inspires.

My community inspires me to be myself.  To be crazy, sarcastic, and sometimes opinionated.  My community inspires me to push my boundaries beyond what I can even imagine for myself.  Life in community, authentic community is a pretty amazing place to be.

 “Heroes didn't leap tall buildings or stop bullets with an outstretched hand; they didn't wear boots and capes. They bled, and they bruised, and their superpowers were as simple as listening, or loving. Heroes were ordinary people who knew that even if their own lives were impossibly knotted, they could untangle someone else's. And maybe that one act could lead someone to rescue you right back.”
Jodi Picoult, Second Glance

Is your community inspiring?  What makes a community to you?


Pat Garcia said...

Community is so important and to find such a community as you have found is a blessing. Thank you also for the quote from Jodi Picoult. I am a fan of hers but have not read Second Glance. I will make sure I read it now.
Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

Sarah Zama said...

When you can find that kind of community, it's truly a blessing. Unfortunately, it isn't easy. So I'm very happy for you :-)

The Old Shelter - Jazz Age Jazz

Jemima Pett said...

I have three main communities, the online one, which is the most active, the local one, which is still struggling to overcome years of neglect, and my sports one, which is in the throes of major reorganisation. That makes the online one the most comfortable place to be. But it's nice to meet real people in the other ones!

Denise said...

I wish I lived in a true community. Mine is very fragmented with lots of ethnic groups all wanting to be the 'most important' one. I prefer my family and my online community.

Tawnya Rivers said...

Love all of your thoughts on community! Sometimes I think that I get lost in thinking everyone else has an awesome community too! But, I think it comes in waves. Some seasons of our life are filled with real, authentic community and some seasons we don't have that. I think the older I get the easier it is to fill up my life with people that are real!

Thanks for commenting! Please come back!

Deborah Weber said...

I think one of the most important things about my community is that it is indeed inspiring. It's wonderful to be part of a container that both holds you and encourages you to express more fully.