Friday, April 15, 2016

A to Z- Authentic Inspiration: Mandy Hale and Mountains #atozchallenge

I couldn't decide on just one M inspiration, so I am going to talk about both! 

First of all I want to tell a little bit about my journey.  I used to think that being single was this horrible thing that I couldn't live with.  It was something that I felt like I was being looked down on because of my singleness.  Sometimes I still think within certain circles that is true.  It wasn't until I truly started examining all that I have accomplished in life that I realized my singleness is not at all something to be ashamed of.  In fact it is something that I can be proud of.  My life just looks differently from those that surround me most days. 

About 2 months ago I was introduced to a book.  It was a book that changed the way I viewed myself, and those around me.  The author...Mandy Hale.  In this book I was able to just connect in a way that I hadn't connected before.  I was able to understand that the journey I have been walking is not a journey in which I should feel shameful, but instead use what I have learned to inspire me to grow and change to be the best me! 

Here are some of her quotes that truly inspire me!

There are so many more, too!

The other M word that inspires me are mountains!  I love them.  I love to climb them, I love looking at them. I love everything about mountain towns.  If I could afford to go hang out in a cabin in the mountains once a year I would totally do it.  The mountains help me to think and ponder life.  They allow me to slow my brain down, and relax.  Mountains are the majestic centerpiece that makes my life complete.  

Are you inspired by mountains, or some other natural formation?  Have you ever climbed a mountain?  



Stephanie Bird said...

Thank you for your openness and honesty Tawnya. It's very moving. I can see why you're inspired by Mandy Hale, her quotes are very inspirational and motivational. I love mountains too, especially the Smokies!

Geets said...

Ask me!! Being single is always a bliss! I miss my singleton so much! And these quotes are surely full of wisdom :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I like that last quote by Mandy.
I miss living near mountains. I'd pick mountains over the beach any day.

Tawnya Rivers said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Love reading your thoughts on my blog and the quotes!