Saturday, February 15, 2014

Forever start....

One of my very best friends since junior high just had a birthday the other day.  In our talking she was saying how she is going to stay 32 forever.  I won't even mention that other age here, just because I don't want to let that age seem like it is going to be a part of my life.  At first I just thought....oh one year older, but then I got to thinking about it, and I don't really want to be that other age either.  We had some fun IG action, and so I we go...Forever 32 its the new forever 21.  

The biggest difference is that as a 32 year old I feel like I know so much more about life than a 21 year old does.  If I could go back to my 21 year old self, and give advice I totally would here are a few things I would say....

*stop trying to be older than you are.  You will miss the years that are to be used as the traditional fun years.
*don't care so much about what you wear, how you look in order to please others....just do what you can to feel good about yourself.
*read as many books as you can while you have free time, because once you hit 25...your free time disappears
*don't drink your life can't get back anything especially what you don't remember
*laugh often
*write often
*don't be afraid to get your heartbroken it really does heal, and you really do learn from it
*try something new every month
*make lots of friends....but not so many that all your friendships are superficial
*don't be afraid to let people go
*be open to living a different life than others, it is okay if you don't have kids by the time you are 32
*really look at what you out the truth, don't just believe what you think you should believe
*spend time with your grandparents, there is no way to know how many days you have left
*be open to criticism and suggestions
*don't spend money that you don't have
*laugh at your mistakes
*say a kind word to someone everyday

I am sure that I could keep writing, but for now that will be the end of my list.  I am excited about the journey I am on. Here's to being Forever 32....

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Unknown said...

i apologize in advance for writing the dreaded number but- it came to me that maybe 33 sounds so awful and old because that was the age that Jesus died?