Wednesday, February 19, 2014

There's less noise in the Philippines

Today I took my bi-weekly trip off the "compound."  I don't really live on a compound but sometimes it feels like it.  We even have a goat grazing back behind our school.  I mean we all live and work in this gated community with armed guards.  That kind of signifies a compound, right? 

Anyways, today I was in the van, and just looking around at all the traffic.  Just like many other places I have been the traffic laws are a little bit relaxed around here.  It is not complete chaos, but it is just there is no real order to who goes first.  So....I was thinking about this and the lack of horns...and I just became really impressed with that part of this culture.  The laid back part.  Most of the time it drives me crazy, but tonight I thought....if we were in America, people would be honking their horns, shouting and in some areas be resorting to violence.  So, for tonight sitting in the midst of traffic...waiting I was glad to be in a place that is laid back, and relaxed.   Interesting life. 

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