Saturday, March 28, 2020

Lent... and failure....

Social media is what I was supposed to give up for Lent.  I did really good... until Corona hit us....and then it has been difficult.  I have tried my best to stay off of it and not worry about what is going on too much except for reading my news email that I get every morning.  But honestly in this time where we have to stay away from each other, social media is the best connection we have... besides Face Time and Zoom.

So... I am going to admit my failure and go back to social media.  But I am going to try to limit myself, because I don't need all that crazy constantly bombarding my thoughts!

I was able to spend more time with God during my break away... and have been able to create and read a lot more....

So... here's to halfway meeting my goal... staying off social media as much as I can... and focusing on the good things that are happening all around me!

May we be intentional with connecting to each other, letting people know they are loved, and listening to what they need from us!

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