Saturday, March 21, 2020

Book #11 of 2020 The Strays

The Strays
Emily Bitto

This book wasn't on any reading lists, I just simply liked the cover and picked it up from the library.  It was an interesting book.  What I took from it was a story about family.  The weird ways that a family works together, and sometimes how people that you don't expect to be family become yours.  Also, we always think the grass is greener on the other side, don't we.  We are always comparing ourselves, and not understanding that each perspective is a little bit different.  My sisters and I had the same childhood experiences pretty much, but we remember things differently.  Some events we went to, or activities we had I remember so vividly while they don't stick out for my sisters at all.

I liked this book, because it was an easy read, for the most part.  It also wasn't your typical story.  There was a little bit of love dabbled in here and there, but that wasn't the premise of the book.

Sometimes our lives take turns that we aren't expecting.  We think that we are going to have certain connections forever and then something happens and we no longer have those connections.  That's what this book made me think about.  Friendship, truth, and how we all just want to belong somewhere.

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