Saturday, March 28, 2020

Working from home... almost week 3!

Monday will start almost 3 weeks of working from home.  How crazy is it that this is life right now?  I am still amazed by all that is happening in our country and the world.  It is hard to take in, and even harder to understand how we are at this point.  Sometimes I feel like this is all just a big hoax, and in a couple weeks someone is going to jump out and say... "just kidding."  Then other times the weight of how many people are sick and dying gets the best of me.  My empathic heart cries out.  I don't want fear, death, sickness to rule our hearts and our lives.  But unfortunately so many of us are letting it.  I get it the fear of the unknown can stop us in our tracks, and make us very afraid.

But I have to believe that there is something greater out there... that is what I cling to.  The hope that when this is all over, when we go back to hugging and being around each other again.  That we will have a greater understanding for the things that are meaningful.  We will have a greater appreciation for moments with friends.  I'm not a hugger.. but I can't wait to hug people.

As I gear up to work from home, for yet another week I am thankful for the time that I have had to be away from the office.  I think it will help me appreciate it more.  I am also thankful for the moments that have allowed me to connect with people via zoom....

This is a weird time in our world....  let's all be kind and be there for each other.  Hoping this all ends very soon.

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