Saturday, March 21, 2020

Silver Linings in a World of Chaos

Most people know that I teach online early in the mornings.  It has been slow for a bit, and so I just have to be okay with the few bookings that I get and hope that the students are good, and all that jazz.
Last fall I had a student that I had for a few months as a regular.  I dreaded every time I would teach her.  She never wanted to participate, she was always in a bad mood, and she would do awful things during class.  One class she spit at the screen, another she tried to hit me by hitting the screen.  Things like that.  You can imagine how frustrating that is, and frankly it feels like a big old waste of time.  I would call for help in the middle of my class.  I would submit tickets, and nothing seemed to work.  Her parents would continue to book me, and I would continue to have awful classes with her.  Finally towards December, they stopped booking with me.  It was a huge relief.

Fast forward to last week... and guess who is back on my schedule?  Ha! That girl!  Oh boy!  The first couple of classes weren't awful, but they also weren't super fun.  Then I asked someone to pray with me about these classes, and teaching her.  I know that some of you reading this might not believe in the power of prayer, but I fully believe that me reaching out and also praying myself resulted in the class I had today.  It was wonderful.  We laughed, she participated, and there was a connection made.  I had pretty much given up on being able to connect with this student.  I had put her in the category that I would never be able to have a good class with her, but you know what?  God had other plans.

I feel like with the chaos of the world right now, this is my silver lining.  I am thankful that I got a second chance with this girl to be able to connect and teach her.  Now I don't know what next week's classes will bring, but I sure am thankful that there's hope.

It is not always wise to let someone back in to your life, but here recently I have really been able to see how some of the best friendships I have right now are because of forgiveness and second chances.  The world is so chaotic, and we are all in need of friends, connection and good conversation now more than ever before.  Let's see those silver linings, because they are out there if we look for them!

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