Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Book #1 of 2020 The Book of Gutsy Women

Book #1:  The Book of Gutsy Women by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton

Hopefully I am going to be better at making book posts this year!  I started out strong last year, and then failed!  But life is better when we learn from our failures, right?

This book was the BEST book to read to start out 2020!  My 2020 is about transformation... that's my word for the year, and I am amazed by the women in this book and how they not only transformed their own lives, but the lives around them!

I really liked this book because it was into categories.  I really appreciated finding out about women that I really hadn't learned about in history class.  Some of them of course I know their stories, but there were a lot of stories of women I had never learned about. To have them all in one place.... was fascinating, and encouraging.

My hope is that I am able to focus on knowing more stories like this.  Understanding how our world, our country came to be.  The ways that we have been able to move forward, and the ways that we have gone backwards.  We are living in a time that feels like there is heartache, pain and devastation around every corner.  We have to find the brave inside ourselves, and try to leave a legacy and make a difference.

Sometimes I get really caught up in feeling like I am not doing enough... and I am probably not.  But what I can do is touch and encourage the part of the world I am in contact with every day.  People may never read my name in a book, but those around me should be able to know that they are loved.

A few of my favorite quotes from the book:

"If you hear the dogs, keep going.  If you see torches in the woods, keep going.  If you want to taste freedom, keep going."  Even in the darkest moments, that is what we all must do: keep going."  -Chelsea Clinton, quote by Harriet Tubman  page 17

"I like frank debate, and I do not object to harsh criticism so long as I am treated like a human being with a mind of her own."  -Helen Keller

"Her story deserves to be told again and again- the story not simply of an extraordinary girl but of a woman who spent her life questioning why things were the way they were, and standing up for people who had no power."  -Hillary Clinton  page 28

"But the story of Title IX and the triumph of its "godmothers" remind us that strength in women is an asset to be cultivated, not a character flaw to be overcome."  page 88

"When leaders deny science, disregard facts, and ignore the people they represent the consequences are disastrous.  In this moment when thousands of communities in the United States still have unsafe lead levels due to paint, plumbing, and industrial waste, none of us can be complacent."  -Chelsea Clinton page 194

About Billie Jean King
"She is a constant reminder that none of us can rest for very long.  In the fight for equality- on the court and off- there is always more to do."  -Hillary Clinton  page 212

"In the end it's the ability to tune out the distractions and zero in on chasing their dreams that has made the Williams sisters two of the greatest athletes in the world."  page 226

The book is full of quotes by women!  I recommend getting your copy today!!!!

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