Saturday, January 2, 2016

Authentically Filled Up...

There's this moment in time when you look around and just feel full.  It is maybe not a long moment, but in that moment you feel so blessed, so thankful, and tears just fall because you truly never thought it could be this way. 

When you almost give up, because it is just too hard.  Life is just too much, and the world seems to be crashing down around you. But you don't give up, you keep going....and then that moment happens. 

The moment when you look around and realize that you have been made for this moment, for these connections.  The tears don't stop because you are so grateful for how you feel.  You are so grateful that in the midst of the pain that almost overtook you, there is light...there is grace...there is love...there is forgiveness. 

You have been given the gift of community.  The kind of community that sees the imperfections, and doesn't care.  The kind of community that rejoices with you when you are happy and carries you when you are sad.  The kind of community that you are able to be the worst version of yourself and you know in the depth of your soul that they will never leave you because you are a part of something real, something that will change your life if you let it. 

So, you let the tears fall because they aren't tears of sadness...they are tears of joy.  They are the tears of healing.  They are tears that are restoring what was once lost.  They are tears that will bring so much more than just pain and sadness.  They are the tears of trust, hope, and love. 

That moment you feel filled up...that moment is worth holding onto.  That is a moment that is worth keeping and never letting go.  It is a forever kind of moment. 

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