Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 12: Training for the 10K

Exercise is hard.  Some people love it, they crave gets them going, moving and loving life.  For me I have to push myself to do it.  I have to take time and say....come on tawnya you can do this. 

Today was one of those days.  I had to really push myself to go out in the freezing cold and run.  I didn't wear near enough clothes, but I still did it.  Probably not as long as I should have, but I still did it. 

I have been dealing with missing someone recently.  Someone that was really important to me, someone that I thought would be in my life forever.  I think what I wish I could have given him was that push to do the hard things.  That push to keep going even when you feel like giving up.  That push to know that even if you are rejected, even if you fail, you can keep going. 

He doesn't have that.  He doesn't believe in himself.  For a long time I thought if I just tried hard enough, I could do it for him.  If I just encouraged him enough he would finally have the courage to go for his goals, and be the person he was meant to be. 

But we can't make people do anything that they don't have the drive or desire to do.  We can love them to a point, and then we have to let them go.  We have to let them either soar, or fall.  We have to. 

I am not perfect, but today I went out and ran, even when I was freezing...even when I couldn't hardly make it the 20 minutes that I was doing.  I still did it.  That my friends is a victory for me.  Even though I came home and drank champagne, and ate M & M's.  I still did something that I didn't feel like doing.  I did something that was beyond what I could do on my own.  And I did it to the best of my abilities for tonight. 

That my friends is the victory.'s to training for a 1 done....tomorrow is a new day...a new start....and a new perspective!

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