Monday, January 5, 2015

Thinking back on the places I've seen!

I find myself out of time again today.  I wish that I would have been able to get more things done today, so I would have time to write a great blog, but I am so far behind it is not even funny!  Ughhh!  So I am just going to do a little thinking about places I've been and things I have been able to experience! 

One of my very favorite experiences was getting to snorkel in the Red Sea.  I don't have a lot of pictures from that time (technology wasn't what it is today...ha)  But it was so much fun! 

I remember being able to jump in with the non-stinging jellyfish and snorkel.  It was amazing.  I will never have another experience like it.  I think it was one of the few times that I can remember truly thinking how big the world is.  If only we could all understand that.  If only! 

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