Sunday, December 29, 2019

Lessons from this Decade! 2010-2020

I started out this decade in Thailand!  It's so crazy for me to think about that.  So much of my adulthood has been spent overseas.  I am now on the verge of having lived more of my post-college life in Missouri than overseas!  And... that is a weird feeling.  When I think about the Tawnya of 10 years ago versus the Tawnya of today...I can see just how far I have come in this decade.  It's amazing to me all that I have experienced and learned.  The people that I have met along the way, and what they have taught me.  The love I have gained and lost.  The way God has worked and moved to show me more and more of who He is.  

So... here's a recap of my decade!

In 10 years I was able to go to these countries:
*The Philippines

I learned that it's okay too quit sometimes.  

I learned that not every friendship is for a lifetime.  

I learned that sometimes a college education really doesn't matter. 

I learned that there are friendships that will last a lifetime.  

I've been able to see/go to these places, do these things: 
  *Rode Elephants
 *Visited a Crocodile Farm
  *Went to a Tiger Temple
  *Tried Mangosteen, and it's by far my favorite fruit
  *Took lots of road trips:  Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kansas, California, Colorado, Kentucky, Tennessee
  *Went to a floating market
  *Visited Thai Palaces
  *Took a mission trip to Northern Thailand with a Thai church
  *Went to Koh Samet and saw the prettiest blue water I have ever seen
  *Oragnized a middle school 3-day service project
  *Went to Krabi/Phuket
  *Lots of weddings for friends, and sisters, and cousins
   *I was a nanny for the summer
  *Serious relationships that obviously didn't last
   *Lots of camping trips
  *My first backpacking trip
   *I was a children's minister
  *made lifelong friends
  *lost friends that I thought would be lifelong friends
  *gained confidence in myself
   *learned to have a voice
  *Went to the Kentucky Derby- twice
  *Been able to go to my first NFL game
  *Tailgating for MU games
  *Found a good church
  *Volunteering with True/False
  *Volunteering with Citizen Jane
  *Volunteering with Roots N Blues
  *Volunteering with Room at the Inn

So many different things happened in my life during this decade.  I hope that this next one brings a couple things that didn't happen, as well as tons more adventures!  

Here's to the next decade... may it be the best yet!  

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