Wednesday, April 5, 2017

D is for Decisions #atozchallenge #decisions #risk

This month I am posting about risk, and words that contribute to the risks I take in my life! 

D is for Decisions....

Every single day we make thousands of decisions.  What to eat for breakfast, how many cups of coffee to have before 7:00 am, whether to get up and work out or hit snooze for the 1 millionth time!  Then there are the decisions that are a little more complex, do we write back to that person that just trolled us on social media or keep quiet?  What friends do we invest our time in?  How do we get across to that student that just doesn't seem to be present for any of the daily learning?  So many decisions every single day. 

I feel like every decision I make involves some sort of risk.  Will me dancing around like a crazy person make people judge me?  Will me choosing this job over that job lead to success and happiness?  The people I put my time and energy into, that is a decision that takes risk.  My heart faces risk daily.  Some decisions have broken my heart, while other decisions have helped to heal my heart. 

How do I decide what is worth the risk?  That is a decision in itself, right? 

I think that whatever is going to help me to live the best life I can.....that is worth the risk.

Investing time and energy into those that are going to build me up and teach me, that is worth the risk. 

What decisions are worth the risk for you? 


Martha Reynolds said...

Yes! Thousands of decisions every day.

Sharon Himsl said...

I agree that making decisions can be tough. I struggle with too many choices. Sometimes you just have to jump in and hope and pray for the best. No decision means inaction, which is worse. Thanks for the post!

"Female Scientists Before Our Time"

Weekends in Maine said...

Decisions can be really challenging sometimes but it is so important to move forward and take the risk. WeekendsInMaine

Linda Gardiner said...

Good thoughts. Too many decisions are asked of us every minute, makes the important ones even more difficult. Risk can be worth taking in so many cases. Great topic for "D"