Monday, April 3, 2017

B is for Being Brave #atozchallenge #2017 #bisforbrave

This year's challenge my theme is risk.   There is so much in this world to risk, and so much that we have to understand about it. 

The letter B blog post is for Being Brave!  Have you ever had a time when you knew that you were going to have to be brave in order to take a risk?  Are we born with bravery or is it something that we learn?  Do you think that we are braver as children, or adults? 

When I think back over my life I think the greatest risks I have taken are those when I was my bravest.  Moving to a new country where I literally knew no one and had to figure out how to get  groceries, make it to my job on time, and live in a place that was very different from my own. 

I have had to be brave over this past year as I said good-bye to a few friends that weren't adding to my life.  That kind of bravery is a risk.  I had to ask myself if it was worth it to say good-bye or to keep going in a pattern of self destruction. 

For some bravery is getting out of bed in the mornings.  For others it is taking a step into an unknown land.  Bravery is the mother who gets up at 5:00 am in the morning to feed her 3 month old that slept most of the night.  Bravery is sitting down and having a conversation with a person you run into on the train.  Bravery is the single parent who is working 2 jobs to feed the kids a decent meal every night.  Bravery is the single person that doesn't give up on love, kids, and a family to call their own.  Bravery is the single person that doesn't give in to the standards that the world has set, and is willing to do it alone.  Bravery is getting older, and still impacting the world around you.  Bravery comes in so many shapes and forms.  The most important part of bravery is to live it out, every single day. 

Risk through bravery.  It is the only way to live, don't you think? 


Martha Reynolds said...

Great post

Alex said...

Lovely post. Choked me up a bit, especially about sometimes bravery being waking up in the morning. Some days that's all I can manage. Some think me brave because I go after what I want, like the bike trip around the world I'm planning, but I agree with you. Sometimes it's dealing with the small things, which are really quite monumental, that makes one brave.

Beverley Baird said...

Great post!

Arlee Bird said...

Risk does involve some element of bravery, but rarely have I considered that I was being brave when I was taking a risk. In retrospect I recognize the bravery to some extent, but also that there was little option than to do what I needed to do when it had to be done.

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out

Click said...

I think a lot of the time when you're at your bravest, you're not always aware of the fact that what you're doing is requiring bravery. There have been many times when I've looked back on what I've done and thought 'wow! How did I do that?'

Cait @ Click's Clan