Tuesday, April 4, 2017

C is for Change #atozchallenge #change

This blogging challenge is all about Risk!  My word for the year! 

C is for Change.  There is so much change in this world.  Everyday I am bombarded with change as I scroll through social media, or talk to friends.  We are all constantly going through changes. 

Most change involves risk.  The risk of friends, and family.  The risk of money, the risk of reputation.  The risk of rejection, acceptance.  All of these things are involved in change. 

I love change.  I love experiencing new places, meeting new people, and utilizing new skills at jobs I take on.  I have risked a lot in my life due to the changes I have taken part of. 

Moving overseas, going to school to get my B.S. and M.A.  Opening up to people, getting involved in community.  All of these have been changes in my life. 

Can you think of the biggest change you have ever gone through?  I think for me it was recently.  I had a couple of friends that I had been hanging out with quite a bit all of a sudden just leave my life.  When you lose people you get used to hanging out with, it feels like you risked part of yourself for no reason.  It is also a big change.  You try to fill the void with other things, but there is still that void. 

To change something is to risk.  I think that we have to change.  If we don't then our life turns into something that is boring and not worth it.  To change means to risk. 

What changes have you made, and what were the risks?


Martha Reynolds said...

I spent a year of college in Switzerland, and no doubt it affected me more than any other event in my life. Good things and bad, but many years later I still live my life based on that year and how it changed me.

Excellent post ❤❤❤

Karnika Kapoor said...

Risk and change kept human civilization going forward. Change is inevitable. Encouraging post!
Thanks for sharing!
Best Wishes!

Marna Reed said...

You're so right about that tricky comfort zone.
It's like a comforting blanket, but it's only really holding you down - especially if change actually requires you to, you know, get up and go grab it.

Biggest change lately... Writing F/T. Although that might change as I plan to head back to school.

I'll drop back in throughout April, Tawnya. Check on your progress. ^^

FinnBadger said...

I'm always working on being more open to change, since my default position is to be resistant to it.

Phillip | C is for collaboration

Shari Elder said...

I embrace change as well. I've also lived in many countries. I think having to navigate cultures and adapt to languages can open minds and help folks become flexible and resilient. It helps us better assess and navigate risk.

tawnya said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Love the feedback!

Parul said...

Like they say - change is the only constant. I have had a lot of changes in my life. Some big and some small. Initially, I wasn't ready to cope but now I know change needs to be dealt better and hence I have started dealing with it better. I get anxious in the beginning but that helps me focus ;)
Thanks for making me think through your post.

Alex said...

I think the biggest change in my life was when my depression really started to manifest badly in high school. Suddenly I didn't like things I'd previously enjoyed and I was skipping school all the time for no discernible reason (at the time). Really frustrating for everyone involved.

Had a hard time dealing with it. Still do, but it's better. And I can't imagine what my life would be like without it. It contributed to a few failures, but from those failures came new options, and I'm pretty happy with what I've chosen, and now I know that it's okay to change my path again in the future.