Monday, November 9, 2015

The Red Cup Dilemma...

I can't even really believe that we are having this dilemma right now.  The red cup dilemma...really people are getting so irate about the freaking color of a cup?  First of all, Starbucks doesn't have to do anything that involves Christmas, they don't claim to be a Christian organization.  If you don't like that they don't celebrate Christmas, then don't freaking buy STARBUCKS!  It's as simple as that.  There are SO MANY more important things going on in the world.  In fact take all the time and energy you spend getting mad over the color of a cup, and put that towards feeling upset that there are men, women, and children that won't have a home to live in during the Christmas season this year.  Get mad over the fact that elderly people can't afford to buy medicine because they don't have the income or insurance to cover it.  Or that people all over the world are DYING for believing in Jesus.  Put your energy into something that actually matters.  

This weekend I gave a homeless guy a bag of food.  I don't say that to brag on myself, but I say that because the look on his face when he got that bag of food, was pretty much the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed.  He was truly thankful.  

In the past I have been known to judge those standing on the street corners.  I have been known to overlook the fact that they have stories.  I have been known to say "why don't they just get a job."  That judgement on my part was part of this red cup- first world mentality.  Not everyone can just go out and get a job.  Not everyone knows where their next meal is coming from.  Not everyone has had the privilege that I have.  

It's a humbling experience to look in the face of someone who has nothing and hear their story.  Looking into their eyes and seeing the doubt and fear.  Understanding them in the depth of their soul.  That takes looking outside of myself.  That takes compassion and love.  That takes getting outside of the first-world mentality, and not putting myself on a pedestal.  

I don't belong on a pedestal.  There is nothing that makes me better then that man on the street I saw the other day.  Nothing.  He was created by God, the same as I was.  He is valued and loved just as much.  There is nothing that should make me feel superior to another human being, and yet I do.  I find myself standing in judgement a LOT.  

For this holiday season, I am going to challenge myself to know people's stories.  I am going to look up from my phone, look into people's eyes and listen to where they are coming from.  I am going to value people by helping when I can.  I am going to love them beyond myself, because after all isn't that what the holidays are truly all about?  Jesus didn't come to argue about a freaking red cup.  He came to show His love to a world that had lost hope.  He came to show us how to be His hands and Feet.  He came to give.....

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