Sunday, January 5, 2014

Just some culture

Yesterday I went on a trip with some Koreans, another American, and a Nigerian.  The funny thing to me is that you could tell we were in an Asian country because of this picture...see the umbrella.  It's not being used for rain :)  Only people that have lived in Asia will understand what I mean by that.  

It was a super fun day.  Not fun in the amount of conversation that I had, but fun in the amount of culture that I was able to experience.  Most beaches in America you will find towels and people laying out to bask in the sun.  Our first island hopping stop was to an island that only had a 103 step climb to the top.  There was nothing sand to lay out on...just some hiking.  So....I put on the ballet flats I just happened to bring, because flip flops, just aren't for climbing steep steps.  And I climbed....even though I was huffing and puffing!  I climbed and was able to stand at the top of a beautiful tropical paradise that hasn't been built on, it hasn't been littered with trash...and it hasn't really been made into a tourist trap.  

After we hung out on that island for about 30 minutes we hopped back into the boat...ha ha literally and we went to another island.  It was here that I was struck once again with the fact that American beaches are so different than Asian ones.  As I put my blanket down in the sun to lay out, I looked around.  There was not one other person laying out in the sun.  Sure some were playing in the water (mostly kids).  But most were in the shade.  It struck me...and I was just in awe once again at the differences.  We want to be tan...they want to be pale.  

Our third island we went took a couple of pictures....

When we got back to the shore...we got in the bus, started backing up and then heard a loud POP.  So......the gasket had broken on the bus.  We sat on the bus for FOUR hours while it got fixed.  I am not totally for sure how that would have changed had we been in America, and it probably wouldn't have, but I can tell you that it was crazy!  Four hours.....on a bus....

Then we drove four hours to get back to the dorm.  

Except right before we arrived 10:00pm....we stopped for dinner.  

All I wanted to do was go home and sleep....all I wanted to do was sleep.  However eating Korean food, talking and spending time was part of the experience.  I am thankful that I got off of that bus and ate food for a couple of hours...drank a little bit and just had fun.  

When I think of good experiences, this will be one of the best.  I am thankful for the opportunity to go and see another part of creation. 

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