Thursday, August 20, 2020

Turning 39....

 In 10 days I turn 39....  It is so crazy to think how quickly time flies by.  This past year has been super weird.  I had a lot of things I wanted to do before I turned 40... but I haven't really accomplished a lot of them.  So... I am scratching my 40 before 40..... and I am making a list of things to do before my next birthday.  It is a better list I think.....  one that I can manage a little more.  But I will look back on my previous list and see what I have accomplished.. and who knows.  Maybe some of those things will make it onto my 50 before 50 list!  

I am going to do a little reflecting on my 30's next week, but I want to do a little now as well.  

When think about where I was 10 years ago... when I was turning 29...  It makes me just think about so many good parts of my life.  I was living in Thailand.  It was my second or third year there.  I went to this very nice fancy Indian Restaurant with a whole group of teachers.  It was so much fun, probably one of my very favorite birthdays.  I felt loved, celebrated, and like I had really good friends.  I didn't start my 30's in Thailand, but being in Thailand helped shape who I was in my 30's.  Being in Thailand was one of the greatest things I have ever and probably will ever do in my life.  

In the last decade I have lived in the United States mostly.  I have made really good friends, I have lost really good friends.  I have learned more about who I am, and what I want to tolerate.  I have been able to be more of who I was meant to be.  

So in this next year I want to take time to continue to grow in the ways that I need to.  I want to take time to learn more about what this next decade is going to bring.  I want to live life to the fullest.  And honestly I want to just live.... not worried about what other people think....  Even if that means I live alone.  

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