Sunday, August 23, 2020

The Old 40 Before 40!

This is a great list.... unfortunately not everything got accomplished.... and probably won't be in the next year... but you know what?  That's okay!  We don't always get to do everything... so... some of them might show up on the 50 before 50 list!  

 1.  Renaissance Festival   (completed Fall 2017)

2.  New Year's in NYC (hoping for Dec. 2019)
3.  Pay Down Student Loans
4.  Get a tattoo ( completed Aug. 2016 Elephant, June 2017 owl)
5.  See a show at the Fox  (This happened December 2019)  I saw STOMP!  
6.  Learn how to put together wine and cheese platters.
7.  Hike some of the PCT and AT
8.  Get in the best shape of my life.
9.  Go to 5 famous art museums
               a.  Metropolitan Museum of Art
               b.  Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
               c.  National Gallery of Art  (Wash DC)
               d.  Cleveland Museum of Art
               e.  Art Institute of Chicago
10.  Visit Napa Valley
11.  Go on a cruise
12.  Learn how to cook risotto
13.  Go to a racetrack
14.  Go to the Kentucky Derby (completed May 2017)
15.  Take a Road Trip (completed Dec. 2018 MI, Penn. Ohio, Kentucky)
16.  Learn to Quilt  ( I at least started this)  
17.  Read 100 Books  (Yes!  I have pretty much completed this) 
18.  Have a Spa Day
19.  Cook/Bake Gma's Recipes
20.  See the Northern Lights
21.  Go to all 50 states
22.  Complete 5, 5K's
23.  Complete 5, 10K's
24.  Complete a half marathon
25. Try Rock Climbing
26.  Watch every film on AFI top 100
27.  Write and publish a book
28.  Take 4 solitude retreats
29.  Have a signature dish
30.  Go for High Tea
31.  Sleep in a Haunted House
32.  Practice Yoga and Meditation
33.  Create a hashtag (complete #authenticallylivinglife)
34.  Blog More Often
35.  Send 10 handmade cards a year
36.  Simplify my life
37.  Learn Tennis well enough to play with my cousins
38.  Take an Art Class
39.  Be all in for my business
40.  Start a mini-garden

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