Thursday, June 28, 2018

A Year of No Spending.... Life changes take 2

My original post was going to actually be on this topic, then I ended up writing about immigration, and I didn't feel like those two things belonged together. 

I am getting ready to move, and I feel like there has been a common theme surrounding this move.  The theme is "GET RID  OF THE CRAP!" 

I could be considered a hoarder in some areas of my life for sure. I am definitely an impulsive buyer.  I will spend money on something and then it will sit for days, weeks, months, or even years.  In fact some things that I have bought I have just never even used or opened.  Or I will buy something like paintbrushes, and then put them somewhere safe, only to need them again and I can't find them.  Then I will buy more because they are only $5.00!  Ha! 

So, about a month or so ago, my friend told me about a book I should read... maybe you have heard of it...

Cait Flanders is the author. I actually have a couple more on my list to read as well before I embark on this journey.  But I am going to embark on this journey. 

A year of no spending. 

I haven't decided on all the rules I am going to abide by, but I have decided I am going to do it.  Mostly because I just have too much crap.  I had to have a storage unit this past year, with stuff in it, that I didn't even look twice at for a year. Now.... if I haven't used it in a year... do I really need it? 

Even the keepsakes, I am just becoming less and less attached to.  Like do I really need to keep all the scrapbooks that I made for my junior high/high school/college days?  Sure they are fun to get out every once in awhile, but I mean come on....  who is going to want to keep those when I leave this earth?  Probably no one! 

So...I am getting prepared for this year of no spending.  It doesn't mean that I am not going to go out, it doesn't mean that I am not going to spend any money at all.  It just means that I am going to say good-bye to the things that I spend money on that I don't actually need.  Like craft supplies, and Starbucks.  Things that I could make myself for a whole lot cheaper. 

I don't want to have to have a storage unit to store my stuff.  I want to be able to pack it all up if I need to and go.  Why do I need boxes and boxes of stuff?  What's the point? 

So.... the first step is getting rid of a bunch of stuff.  The next step is not buying stuff that I don't need.  The third step is investing in travel, paying off bills, and people instead of stuff. 

Check back for updates on my journey! 

I am excited!  I don't have an official launch date, but it is coming! 

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