Friday, June 15, 2018

Sometimes You Have to Just Say Yes

I'm pretty well known for my sense of adventure, and moves across the world.  It is kind of what I do.  So, when I found myself in Columbia, Missouri for going on a 5th year, in July I wondered what the future might hold.  It wasn't that I was doubting God, or wanting to flee, probably for the first time in a long time I was content with staying.  It was just that I knew there was something more.  I felt it.  I knew that this year was just a transition year.  That things were changing.  I think my first sign of change came when I lost some friendships that were really important to me.  They were friends that I thought were going to be there for a very LONG time, and instead they were kind of just taken away.  Then next I just got this feeling of being unsettled in my current place.

I am all about looking for ways to embrace life, and be a bigger part of my community.  I have absolutely LOVED volunteering for all the events that CoMo has to offer, and being a part of this amazing work environment.

So when moving to JC came up, I just decided it was what I should do.  Knowing that I would be commuting 3 days out of the week, it wasn't a bad thing at all.  In fact I was looking forward to the time in the car.  But the more I thought about it and prayed about I felt this tug that there were more changes on the horizon. 

So applied to a couple jobs in JC.... and I got one. 

The difference in this than any other time before is that it just seemed so easy.  I'm not second guessing myself.  I'm not wondering what would happen if I stayed.  I'm not thinking that I am ruining my life.  Maybe it is because I am only moving a half hour away and every other time I have moved it has been across the freaking ocean.  Maybe. 

But this time just feels different.  It feels like I am on the verge of some great things.  It feels like I am getting ready to embark on this grand adventure that even I am not ready for. 

Sometimes you have to say yes to things that you are unsure of.  You say yes because you just know that it is the right thing.  You say yes because God's ways are SO much bigger than your ways. 

I don't know what this next year has in store.  But I sure am excited about it! 

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