Thursday, July 5, 2018

Not being offended....

This week I did a study through my Bible App that was about being unoffendable.  Wouldn't you know that it seemed like there was something that happened everyday this week that I had the opportunity to get offended or not.  I wish I could say that I succeeded most of the week!  But I didn't! 

I will say that today something happened that I really am having to work through.  Do you ever have something happen, or in this case it didn't happen and it makes you question your worth and value to others?  It makes you wonder if you even matter at all. 

That's where I am at today.  I'm in this place of wondering if I even really make a difference to those around me.  Even as I type this I feel the tears welling up in my eyes.  I know that people care about me.  But isn't it so easy for us to just dismiss people out of our lives?  I feel like I miss people a lot more than they miss me.  Maybe that is just my personality.  Maybe I just have a sensitive heart, and I am always going to be the one that hurts more when people step out of my life.  Or maybe I just express my affection more.  I am not sure... but I sure do know that I never want other people to question their worth the way I am questioning mine.  I never want to be the person that makes others feel like they don't matter. 

So, I am going to take this as a lesson.  I am not going to be offended, but I am going to be a little hurt.  I can get over the hurt though.  I am going to use the hurt to engage in helping others.  I am going to continue to go out of my way to make sure that other people know that they are loved, valued, and that they are important in my life.  Not just when I see them everyday, but they are important because they impact me.  They are important because they are a part of my journey. 

Now I know that not everyone is meant to be in your life for all seasons.  I get that.  I know that sometimes you have to let people go.  Some people are only meant to walk with you for a little while.  But I think that even if people are only meant to walk with us for a little while, we still have the responsibility to tell them that they are valued by us.  We need to be building each other up.  Making sure people know what they mean to us.  Inviting them in, even if maybe they aren't our best friend.  Taking the time to listen to their hearts.  Taking the time to ask ourselves how we can be there for others.  It doesn't take a lot to lend an ear to someone, or invite them along on an outing. 

I am going to try my best in the coming weeks to be less offended by others, and show more love, invite people places more, and include everyone even those that I don't necessarily connect with immediately. 

We are all just doing our best, so let's make sure that our best is loving those around us, and letting them know what they mean to us.  Because everyday matters in making memories, and knowing you are loved. 

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