Thursday, October 29, 2015

Why I'm no longer in the Christian Box

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I hate being boxed in.  I hate when the title of "Christian" allows others to put me in a category that I don't want to be in.  Not too long ago I volunteered for a festival, and when I said that I was a Christian and even worse worked at a Christian school I could tell by the look on the person's face I was talking to that they expected the next words for me to say to be words of judgment or condemnation.  Why?  

Have we come so far from the love of Jesus? 

 I think we have.  Instead of being true to who He was/is, we have created a box for ourselves, a box that doesn't lead to others asking questions, or even wanting to be a part of who we so claim to love ourselves.  

I see post after post on FB of people hating on those that are of different faiths, beliefs, and lifestyles.  Really?  Do you want to know something?  

If Jesus was alive and walking around today...where would he be?  

I guarantee you, He wouldn't be sitting inside a church building on Sunday mornings, or going to a nice cozy house for small group on Wednesday nights.  No, he would be with those that needed Him the most.  He would be with those that were questioning life, needing a place to belong, wanting to be valued and loved.  That's where He would be.  

If Jesus had a FB, He wouldn't be sharing all the hate messages about those that believe differently, or are choosing a different lifestyle.    He wouldn't be complaining about this or that. He wouldn't be participating in gossip.   He wouldn't be commenting on everyone's status who believes differently then Him, saying that they are judgmental.  No, He would be filling up His FB with messages of love and forgiveness. And probably a few Wine Memes too!   That's what He would be doing.  
Christianity can't go in a box, because people can't go in a box.  There is no exact right journey to take, we all have to go through the messy to get where He wants us to be.  The best I can be is to live authentically.  To be real and true to who I am.  Those around me don't have to like everything I do and say, but to judge me on my flaws, well that is where I have the problem.  My God is bigger than any box.  He didn't create me to be a lemming, He created me with a mind and heart of my own.  

I used to think if I did everything perfect that I would have the perfect life, that God would give me everything I wanted.  I used to look down on those that did anything outside the guidelines I had grown up to believe were the only guidelines to live by.  We can't be perfect, and those guidelines need to be looked at a little closer.  Our beliefs completely matter, but when we are putting our beliefs above loving others, I think we miss the point of believing.  Our belief should lead us to love and compassion.  Our belief should make others want to know us, in order to know Him. 

I don't think that God calls us to live inside a box, I think He created us to be outside of the box...growing, learning, and changing to be more like the One that He sent to show us what living outside truly means.  

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