Monday, October 5, 2015

When thoughts get a hold of you....

Tonight I'm struggling with letting things go. Sometimes you do things or feel things that you really are trying hard not to feel or do....

Do you ever have those moments?

I want to be done with the things I keep thinking,
I want to be over this and move on
But I am not sure how to do that
When I get stuck going around and around

It's the same cycle I feel, bringing me down
The wave keeps crashing as I come out to the shore
What can I do to stop it, I am not sure what's in store

My life is on repeat, it's the same feelings I've had before
What do I make of it, do I let myself feel or push them out the door?

I look at the sea in wonder, as the wave breaks again and again
Will the cycle ever end?

My heart isn't quite yet ready, but I want to believe
The past has passed for a reason,
can I let it go in the breeze?  

I step into the wet sand, 
just trying to get a taste
My feet leave an imprint that is the beginning of the ghost

As I walk out into the ocean,
the wave meets me at the wake
I breathe in the fresh air and think about what it will take

I must keep walking, against the wave
The power it holds, can't truly overtake my pain
Pain isn't made to be pushed aside, it is made to be felt, lived through and overcome

I live through the pain, and recall exactly where it might take me
My heart, my life is what it makes me

It's my choice to live authentically,
My choice to be a part of something more

To give my heart and soul, without letting the wave crash
Opening  up to truth and compassion
Living with Hope of what has always been in store

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