Saturday, July 14, 2018

A New Move that makes a Different Outlook...

Sometimes God has this way of completely dropping you in a place that you never even knew you needed.  Actually that has happened a lot of times in my life.  I've found myself always surrounded by people that I didn't even know I was missing from my life, till I met them.  This move is no different.  Although it is only 30 minutes from where I grew up, I am finding that it is far enough away that I have to get used to the culture here, but I am still in this place of familiarity. 

Let me tell you how God is working.  First of all I knew that I was going to need a different place to live.  My living situation this past year was challenging due to different personalities that never should have been living in the same apartment, and me really just not feeling comfortable having strangers in and out of my living space all of the time.  So, I started thinking and looking for a roommate.  That was when my good friend told me about someone that was moving and needed a roommate.  I was nervous and was not sure if it was even worth looking into.  Then I found out that she found a place in Jeff City.

So.....  I said yes, and decided I would just commute to and from CoMo. 

Then I found a job to apply for within CC. 

And I got it! 

So, now I think about how God continues to work  and move.  I think about how He puts people in my path.  I think about the reasons that He might want me in Jeff City. 

As I continue on this journey of the single life, I realize that my life moves don't have to revolve on finding "someone."  Because in all reality we are made for community, it just looks differently for different people.  For me I am done letting my life moves be made based on where I might find someone. 

Instead I believe with my whole heart that there are people that I need to meet in JC that I wouldn't have been able to meet if I had stayed in CoMo.  Our life is meant to be lived with love. 

So... as I journey along..... I realize that this truly is my best life, because it is the life that gives me a chance to love His people. 

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