Wednesday, March 9, 2016

True/False 2016

This past weekend I completed my second year of volunteering for True/False.  It was awesome!  Not only did I get to meet some amazing people, but I got to see 14 films!  That might just be a record for me in a weekend! 

As I went through the weekend, I was continuously struck by how amazing it is that we have something like True/False in our city.  1,000 volunteers join together along with the core staff to make this film festival take place!  It makes my heart so happy. 

This weekend I came in contact with people that I wouldn't get to know otherwise.  I got to meet people in many different places in life, with stories that are just as messy as mine.  The thing is though, in a place like True/False there are no barriers.  There are no barriers because the common theme is film, and messy stories.  The common theme is looking outside of yourself and noticing how different the world is.  The common theme is being able to stand next to a man wearing a unicorn costume, knowing that you have a completely different worldview then he does, but understanding his desire to be loved and accepted. 

I love when we can look outside ourselves and see a bigger picture.  I love hearing people's stories, and allowing them to impact me in such a greater way.  I love being a small part of something that impacts the world, and my community in a greater way. 

The film that impacted me the most this weekend was Life, Animated.  I cried, I laughed and I connected in a way that I don't often times connect.  It was real life, authentically raw in some moments...but also breathtakingly amazing in others.  To watch and hear this family's story I just wanted to hug them.  I wanted to sit down with them and get to know them.  It was simply one of the best films I have ever seen! 

So, here's my ranks.....  (Top 5 at least)

Life, Animated   ****Must See! 

Jim:  The James Foley Story    ***Must See!  I loved the way that this film captured who James Foley was and the legacy he left behind. 

Sherpa:  This is one of those films that makes my blood boil, just because of the stupidity that I think we sometimes have as westerners going into foreign countries.  We automatically allow ourselves to see more important than others.  Well done film. 

Sonita:  Beautiful story.

Fear of 13:  Such a great film.  I loved the character, and I loved the way the film was laid out. 

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