Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Entitlement...are we breeding it?

31 Days...... Post #2

The last few weeks I have been hit with this feeling that we in America are breeding a generation or several generations that feel entitled.  Entitled to have everything they want without working for it.  Entitled to not have to do what they don't want to do.  Entitled toward everything that past generations would have never even dreamed of having.  Why are we so entitled?  Why are the kids we are raising up becoming more and more entitled on a daily basis.  Or has it just always been this way, and I just never understood until I became 30ish?  

It makes me so very sad to look at kids/adults and see them waste a perfectly good life.  It's a waste because I feel like they just think that they are entitled to anything and everything.  It is not okay to rob people, it is not okay to talk about people behind their backs, it is not okay to disrespect your elders just because they don't do everything the way you want!  It is not okay!  Just because you are from a family that doesn't have to struggle that doesn't mean that you get to bully the rest of the world around.  That doesn't mean that your money can buy people off...or does it?  

Maybe that's it...maybe we have just become a society where the more money you have the less you have to worry about your voice being heard.  Money talks, right?  Or is it just the fact that kids know WAY more at younger ages then I would have ever DREAMED of knowing?  Maybe it is that.   I feel like I am in a world where talking about someone dying because of drugs or alcohol is just second nature.  I feel like I am in a place where there is no compassion for death, no compassion for those that are committing crimes.  

Something is wrong when people have lost their compassion and replaced it with entitlement.  Something is wrong when we can no longer look at our neighbor and see his or her pain.  Something is wrong when we ALWAYS put ourselves first.  Something is wrong when all we talk or think about is violence, or every word out of our mouth is negative.  

Something is wrong when we expect people to just give us things, and when we don't get them....instead of pushing through and figuring out a compromise...we just run away.  Or we teach our kids to just run away.  

We are ALL fighting battles that NO ONE knows about.  We are ALL walking a path that we didn't EXPECT.  We are ALL just trying to MAKE a life for ourselves.  

So why do WE think that WE DESERVE more than our neighbor.  Why do WE THINK that we don't have to walk a mile in someone else's shoes????????

Why do we feel that living in America means we are better than anyone else?  Why do we cease to see the NEEDS right around the CORNER, and instead FOCUS only on WHAT we WANT, and WHAT we will BENEFIT from whatever is going on?  



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