Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Lights

Days of Blogging....3

Last night I was driving home and looked around at all the Christmas lights.  It is something that I think most people take for granted.  If you have ever lived in another country or even in another place you know what I am talking about.  Christmas is just different in America.  I don't know if it is the cooler weather, or if it is the fact that every single house in my neighborhood seems to have its own personality with the various degrees of lights that make it up. 

I still just get this feeling everytime I am driving around and see Christmas lights.  I love makes me happy.  I love being back here for Christmas. 

Yet there is a part of my heart that wants to keep moving.  A part of me is scared to settle down here.  Just like the Christmas lights that only appear once a year I feel like my life is a constant change of events.  I feel like I go from one day to the next not really knowing where my stability is going to be.  Forcing me to take a deep breath and wonder when it will be my time to feel at home.  When will I be able to finally make a life for myself?  When will I feel  home?????? 

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