Sunday, September 20, 2015

Technology Break...

Last week at this time I found myself just really needing to take a technology break.  I had come to realize that I spent all my spare moments checking FB, Pintrest, IG....and left me no time to just think.  I was constantly just being bombarded with all these messages, mostly political and I realized that my voice is being drowned out by all the other voices I hear on a daily basis.  

Do you keep losing your voice?  

I used to know what my voice sounded like.  It used to be a lot stronger then it is right now.  For some reason I have stopped speaking my mind.  Oh sure I like posts, and I share information that I find important, but the things that I have found as offensive, well I just don't do anything with them.  

I am not sure if this lack of voice on my part is okay.  Is it okay to just sit back and not comment?  I have to think that in some ways it is.  I have to think that in some ways it is better just to remain silent because the people that I want to go up against, well I don't know that my voice is going to be heard by them anyways.  

I find that I waste a lot of time reading comments people leave about stuff that doesn't really matter.  Take for instance the comment thread on the grand opening of Chic-fil-a here in Columbia.  

There was literally this guy who commented 3 or 4 times just to say he didn't like Chic-fil-a and he didn't want to eat there, because they weren't open on Sundays and that was bad business.  Okay, that's fine I don't really care if he eats there or not.  Here's the thing though....why does he have to comment 3-4 times saying this each time?  No one was arguing with him, no one even said anything negative to him...yet he felt the need to just keep going.  Why?  Because in this day and age we need technology in order to feel validated.  We need that little click of the button to feel like our voice is being heard.  No one was responding...and so he kept going.  He didn't care whether they responded negatively or positively...he wanted a response.  

Isn't that how we look at our worth now?  Our voice has become clicks of a button, tweet replies, shares.....those are the things that validate us.  Those are the things that have become our focus...

What if we just stopped?  What if for 1-2 hours each day we just said NO TECHNOLOGY!  How different would our lives be?  

I think I might try it.  I said I would, and then I didn't. When I think about I so addicted to technology that I can't give that 1-2 hours a day to something better for me and the world?   I need it though.....I need 1-2 hours a day with only my voice, and God's voice playing in my head.  

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