Friday, June 6, 2014



It has become a norm in my life. I have left so many places that I'm not actually sure what it might feel like to be somewhere for longer than 5 years. I want that though. A place to dig roots, to be a part of community. I almost had it once, but it wasn't time. 

So, here I am preparing to leave yet again. Excited to see what the next chapter brings...but also sad to say farewell. 

I have learned a lot this year. Starting in one country and moving to another. I have found my voice this year. A voice that I have been afraid of before now. My voice may not have been listened to, but I at least found it.

Life isn't easy when confined to the school grounds...but it has taught me to be thankful. 

I will leave here changed.....and perhaps a little more distrusting, but I will leave knowing where I belong...finally knowing where I need to be.

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Christy Cools said...

wow. your words touched me. love you!